CLOSED 9-11-17

CLOSED MONDAY due to dangerous storms coming in. Being a window front building we do not want to take any chances with students being there. We hope to be open Tuesday.

Fall Performances

Come see our students perform weapon routines, katas, self defense, group routines, and breaking at the following events…

Pinelog Arts and Crafts Festival 9-9-17 @ 4:30pm

Relay for Life 9-15-17 @ 10pm

Roselawn Festival 9-16-17 @ 4pm

Locomotive Chase Festival 9-30-17 @ 5pm



 Mrs. Sara got her 4th degree black belt!


TINY TIGERS: 2 & 3 year olds
(learning pre-karate-skills, motor skills, balance, and agility) Runs in sessions only.


ENROLL BY MAY 19TH, 2017!!!

Session runs May 23rd-June 22nd 2017 on Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm for half hour. $75 includes 5 weeks/10 classes PLUS FREE SHIRT AND SHORTS. Offer applies to tiny tiger program only.