Add On Classes


Are you interested in adding tumbling, tricks, and releases to your forms and weapon routines? If so, then we encourage you to try our add on classes. We teach everthing from basic rolls, cartwheels, and walkovers, to handspring, tucks, aerials, and other variations.  We provide a spot at all times until you are ready to fly solo. We have crash mats, and an inflatable tumble track as well to ensue the safest environment. Our instructors want to help you reach your full potential. We  specialize in martial arts tricking and can help you get the flips you’ll need for extreme forms in karate competitions.

Add on rate:$15 per month for 1 add on or $25 for 2 add ons or

$155 all access includes 5 karate classes + all add ons

Mon-4:15 form critique and tricks

Tues-4:45 combos and big tricks

Wed-5:30 extreme weapons

Fri-5:30 airfloor


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