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Some of the self defense incorporated in our program…

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Championship Karate has provided Martial Arts instruction in the Bartow area for over 10 years. We offer a positive yet challenging martial arts and fitness environment. Supplying a sport Karate and Tae Kwon Do-based education for adults, families, teens, and children, our classes are motivational and goal oriented. We offer convenient class times, industry-leading facilities, and instructors who are focused on real results for each individual student. Try our classes with our Intro Program and discover the benefits of training with Championship Karate.FB_IMG_1432955376374

Throughout time, Karate has gained a reputation for proven benefits: improved physical fitness and conditioning, better focus and concentration, improved coordination, increased self-confidence and the development of valuable self-defense skills. At Championship Karate, we pride ourselves on offering all of these benefits to each student—regardless of age or initial ability.FB_IMG_1432953599009FB_IMG_1432953531801FB_IMG_1432953576502

Championship Karate focuses on each individual student’s ability to achieve their personal best. You do not need to be in great shape or be an outstanding athlete to begin, all you need is a positive outlook and the desire to learn. Your ultimate success begins with a willingness to take that first step.FB_IMG_1432954296530FB_IMG_1432954266325

We encourage students to focus on three key things. One – Be Patient. To truly experience the rewards of martial arts training it takes time. So, be patient, especially during the first three to four months of training. Two – Try. It sounds obvious, but students need to work hard, attend class regularly and the results will follow. Three – Have Fun. Enjoy classes, make new friends, ask plenty of questions and enjoy the learning process. It’s that simple…but…will not always be that easy! Get started today! Call 678-767-0596 to schedule your first introductory class.