Martial Arts

5 & Under Martial Arts
Our younger students will learn focus, respect, and self discipline to help prepare them for school. We teach an age appropriate lesson and include fun obstacles for the little ones to practice their pre-karate skills on. Each class ends with a quick Mat Chat about the weeks character word. We have a separate belt system for 5 & under students to progress through as well.

5 & Under SCHEDULE:
Monday 10:30am
Tuesday 4:30pm
Thursday 6:30pm

5 & Under Martial Arts Registration

Age 6-15 Above Sport Martial Arts

6 & Up Beginner Schedule:

Fri- 5:00


6-15 Registration

16 & Above Adult Registration:
Adult Registration

About Our Style…
Championship Karate offers a challenging and exciting curriculum that the whole family can enjoy. Students will not have to endure the, “same old thing” as we are consistently changing up warm ups and drills to provide an intense workout and build strength and flexibility. Our style derives from a mixture of Mrs. Sara’s diverse martial arts background. We teach ITF Korean forms and certify black belts in Tae Kwon Do through the World Martial Arts Federation. Our school is a sport martial arts school. We encourage you to make Karate your sport! Students can compete in Karate, TKD, or Grappling tournaments or just learn for fitness and self defense. Our rank system covers weapons training, extreme forms, fighting and self defense that includes, escapes, throws, joint locks, submissions, and weapon defense.