Wed-4:30 Level 1 age 4-9
Wed-6:00 Level 2
Wed-6:30 Level 1 age 10+

About our Tumbling classes…
We teach Tumbling because it’s fun! We realize that not everyone is going to go the cheer or gymnastics route but would still like to learn in a safe padded and spotted program. Do it as a stand alone program or add it to your martial arts or parkour plan to increase your skills! Also, even though we do not currently have a cheer program, we will be happy to help you get a skill! We also do occasional camps and clinics for backhandspring or back tuck.

Skills we teach…
-cartwheel variations
-arial, Arabian, full, gainer, flash, X-Out and more “Tricking” based variations for our highest levels.

Monthly Rates:
5 & Under once a wk-$50/month
5 & Under twice a wk-$90/month
6+ once a wk-$60/month
6+ twice a wk-$99/month

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