Welcome Intro Karate


Thank you for opting into our Free Trial at Championship Karate. We look forward to meeting you in your first martial arts class where we will prepare you for White Belt.  Be sure to do these two things before coming to class

1:  Watch the Orientation Class video at the bottom of this page with your child. If they’re 10 or older, we will cover this part in class so no need to watch.👇

2:  Open and read through the handbook below for everything you need to know about our program before your first class.


Handbook for intro (1)


3. Watch and participate in a recorded version  of CLASS  #1  &  #2 before  jumping into a live class!

4. Download the Zoom App if you are participating in a virtual trial. You will use the ID 6787670596 and Password: LCK  to enter the waiting room 5 minutes before your class time. Or…


CLASS IS AT 4PM  Tuesday and Thursday

Meeting ID: 678 767 0596
Password: LCK

Or enter here…





Thank you for watching! We will see you soon.

-L.C.K. Staff


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