Welcome Tumbling


Our beautiful facility is currently closed but we are continuing to teach the fundamentals of tumbling and seeing  a lot of progress still! We are excited to have you in board.

In this new Level .05 class, members will learn stretching, and the basic rolls, bridges, cartwheel and how to start getting ready for handstands and more.  The student teacher ratio will remain 1-5 at the most so that we can take our time and pay attention to detail. We want to be sure each member is fully ready to safely do some of the drills we ask for without a spotter before going into level 1.

Your goal is to graduate to Level 1 by checking off all of the following skills/drills.

-front roll


-bridge up all the way

-See saw control 3/4 up

-wall plank all the way up and roll out

-bridge and walk hands up wall

-cartwheel  side ways

-bridge from couch or elevated surface

-bridge leg raises

-bridge rocks

-bridge jumps

-find the wall and walk bridge down

-hand stand up to wall

-how to work butterfly

-tic toc

Our #1 priority is SAFETY! So make sure you STRETCH, clear a big enough SPACE with no furniture/objects that you might be hazardous. STICK to what we give you. DON’T get ahead of yourself. TUMBLING TAKES TIME.

What will you need?

– 10×10 space recommended, g clothes, water if you want, a rug or mat is preferred, and you will need a door or wall to do some of the drills on. As we progress, a couch or bed will be needed as well.  For your convenience, we have attached a link to a few pieces from Amazon that could be used more comfortably but definitely not required.

Accesing my class…

1. Download Zoom

2. Use ID 6787670596

3. Use password LCK

4. Sign in about 5 mins early to get audio and video on. Rename yourself to the participants’ name. Get camera positioned so we can see your whole body if possible.

5. Class is on Wed or Fri at 4:30pm-5:00

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-L.C.K. Staff


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